5 Benefits of a daily walk with God <>< Isaiah 33:2-6

1. Daily Treasure of His Strength <><
2. Daily Treasure of His Sure Foundation <><
3.  Daily Treasure of Wisdom and Knowledge <><
4.  Daily Treasure of a Fresh Morning Word <><
5.  Daily Treasure of Victory <><

I don't know about you friends but I need His Strength everyday 
I need a Sure Foundation built of Jesus Christ 
I want all the Wisdom and Knowledge I can get 

Every morning I need a Fresh Word from Christ 
I have Victory in Jesus <><

Thank you for checking out this page. I have already asked God to bless everyone
that reads it -- Those 5 benefits are from  Beth Moore's Breaking Free Study and I just
had to share them with you because God sure spoke to me thru it and Isaiah 33: 2-6 
Love you all ><> Denise Combs <><