Thank you for visiting our "Child Sponsorship Program"  page.

We would like to share how this program came about.  We have  filled shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse for years. We love supporting missions and still do within and outside the US.  Upon finishing 1300 shoe boxes this year a Godly young lady from our church reached out on Facebook for anyone interested in helping children in our county have Christmas. 

A few nights later laying in bed God started dealing with our hearts. God brought back to our minds a Business Man and good friend in St. Augustine, FL who shared his heart with us for helping children that have been diagnosed with cancer. Denise has completed a health coaching school and is also a member of "Challenge Cancer" with Dr. Kim Dalzell. She also travels to hear many Doctors speak at various locations in the US. Therefore, we are very aware of the declining health among our children today. It saddened our hearts thinking of kids in our own county not having Christmas. Of course we said "Yes" to that Godly young lady. 

In our industry there are sponsorship programs sharing Jesus & promoting better health for kids in other countries.  But we thought what about kids in our county and country and family that need Jesus and better health.  The #1 gift we can give a child is JESUS! The #2 gift we can give a child is HEALTH!

We partnered with a company over ten years ago that has a very successful sponsorship program in place with proven health benefits for children.  This company gives the "Gift of Health".  We have taken that program and added the "Gift of Jesus" to it. You see, we want our kids to be "Holy" and "Healthy"!

The difference with our sponsorship program is the cost and location of the child.  You can sponsor a child for as little as $31.25 + tax a month right here in the US!  You can choose the child or we can choose one for you. Even a child in your family! You will be giving that child the "Gift of Jesus" and the "Gift of Health"

Every child sponsored will receive a Pocket Size "New Testament" autographed by Michael Combs.  They will also receive a "Best Friends" booklet telling them how they can ask JESUS in their heart. They will also get daily concentrated fruit & veggies in a convenient form for school lunches or as a daily treat. 

Because our kids are our future - we need a Spiritually Strong & Physically Strong tomorrow. Your love and generosity will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime.

Please partner with us and be a monthly sponsor of a child and give them the #GiftOfJesus and the #GiftOfHealth.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Michael & Denise Combs (Mark 9:37)

For more info call 336.877.4544 or email - Reach us on Facebook