August 10, 2019  HEALTH NEWS
Hi Friends,

All is well at the Combs home.  Michael is doing great.  The Drs are amazed.  Thank you Jesus! And thank you to all of you that continue to lift us up in prayer.
We just returned home from Canada and had a great camp meeting. We made some wonderful friends and we cannot express our thanks to them for all their kindness.  WOW ! We went to bless them and they blessed us BIG TIME!  The best thing of all is we had 3 saved. Praise the Lord!  Be watching for pics on FB.
Michael will be singing on a cruise to Alaska in about a week or so.  We are excited about that and we will have plenty of pictures to share with you on Face Book.
We look forward to seeing you soon at a "Michael Combs Concert"    We love you all!
God bless,
Michael and Denise Combs